Public Outreach

Our activity report from 2013 to 2019 in English.

Our imagebrochure in German.

Links to our German-language postcard and flyer.

See the Ö-project for details on our cooperation with Chemikum Marburg e.V..

Outreach research article published in Scientia. Also available online and as audiobook.

Press Releases and Print Media

Prof. Dr. Pedro M. Echenique to give a public lecture

Artkel in der Oberhessischen Presse: SFB 1083 verlängert

Marburger UniJournal (Herbst 2017)

DFG verlängert SFB Innere Grenzflächen

Grenzflächen-Experimente neu im Chemikum Marburg

Wellenritt im Kristall

Research in Marburg

Hessen Nanotech News 3/2013

Marburger UniJournal (Sommer 2013)

DFG funds “Research at Interfaces”

SFB 1083 (internal)

Documents (internal)

Posters for SFB Evaluation 2021 (internal)

Posters and Manuals.

Documents for SFB Evaluation 2021 (internal)

Documents for evaluation.

Funding Proposal for third funding period of SFB 1083 (internal)

Different versions of funding proposal.

Activity Report (internal)

Photos and different documents.

Image Film (internal)

Different versions of the film.

2nd Joint Seminar GRK 1782 & SFB 1083 in Kloster Volkenroda (internal)

Talks and posters given.

SFB 1083 Winter Student Seminar 2017 (internal)

Talks given at the winter student seminar from Jan. 17-18, 2017 in Rauischholzhausen

Intl. Summer School 2014 (internal)

Invited Talks from the Intl. Summer School on “Semiconductor Interfaces – Methods and Model Systems” from July 28-31, 2014 in San Sebastián, Spain (organizers: DIPC, SFB 1083, & GRK 1782 with support from the DFG and EHU)

SFB Workshops (internal)

Talks from the topical SFB 1083 workshops

Kick-Off Meeting (internal)

Talks, Posters and Impressions from the SFB 1083 kick-off event, 27th – 29th of November, 2013

Corporate Design (internal)

SFB 1083 Logos

Documents (internal)

Informational material

Principal Investigators (internal)

Informational material

Ö-Project (internal)

Various information
Kickoff-Meeting 2013
Kickoff-Meeting 2017
SFB 1083 Winter Student Seminar 2017
Joint Seminar GRK 1782 & SFB 1083 (2018)